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How to acquire your referral link

Step 1: Open your friends list

Step 2: Choose Recruit Friend

Step 3: Copy and share your referral link

How your link should look

You must be invited to this program and sign our Referral Agreement

Program Info

For players who download and install Legends of Catopia through your referral link, any profits we receive from the player, you will earn a 15% share of it. This effect lasts for three months from the date the player first opens the game.

Every month we will send you a report containing all the sales of the players who downloaded the game through your link. Following that, the amount owed to you. If the amount does not exceed $100, the transfer will be postponed to the following month.

In the event of any problem causing the cancellation of the agreement, we will send you an e-mail specifying the date of cancellation at least two weeks in advance, and any players who installs the game before that date, will continue as part of the agreement for three months of their play

The idea of the program is new, and therefore we welcome any input that helps this system improve

During the first month of this agreement, if we encounter technical issues due to this system being new and untested, we will notify you in a quick and reasonable manner not exceeding two weeks. We will not be liable for unattributed referrals during this window

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