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Moving Dimensions

Moving Dimensions is a game studio dedicated to creating unique gaming experiences for players all around the world.

Legends of Catopia

Online Mobile Adventure

 Engaging online multiplayer, challenging enemies, and epic progression, all from your phone.

Adventure Agency

Crew Simulator

A crew management RPG and simulation game with D&D inspired elements.

Abo Khashem

Comedic RPG

 After awaking with amnesia, you try to piece together what happened to you.

Work with us

We're always on the lookout for individuals who have something unique to bring to the table.


Who Are W

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, in a magical zone called Lexington, two young college students met at the University of Kentucky. One was leveling up Computer Science and the other one Music, and when classes were not in session, they were gaming. Fast forward 8 years to October 2014, both of our protagonists have gained enough experience in their respective fields, and decided to start a guild called Moving Dimensions. With a lifetime of gaming knowledge under their belts, they set out on their first quest: the collaborative project, Abo Khashem. The quest proved to be a bit higher level than the description initially led on, but the adventurers powered on all the same. After securing some gold income and partying up with other talented individuals in the realm, our dynamic duo was well-equipped for the challenge at hand. Another 3 years of grinding, maxing out their skills, about 600 rounds of testing, and countless deaths, our heroes have bettered themselves through the fulfilling experience and the quest is finally complete.

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