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4v4 Battles and co-op Adventures

Duke it out against your friends in multiple PvP modes, or fight alongside them through hordes of enemies in over 100 unique levels! A multitude of unlockable champions to level up and customize: including talents, items, skins and chromas! Collect adorable battle pets to fight alongside you. You can play with a party of four! Journey through the city of Torrid to the mystical floating islands of Catopia.

Gaming Without Slumps

Multiple game modes such as, Capture The Flag, King Of The Hill, Payday, and an infinite survival mode.

A variety of maps and designs to keep the battles fresh and exciting

Cooperate With Your Friends

Play with your friends and explore the beautiful work of Catopia, and the vast lands of Torrid.


Experience 100 hand crafted levels and meet interesting personalities with fun dialogues

Exciting Champions

Unlock playable champions as you go, and take them into battle in a 4v4 arena.

Find the champion that suits your playstyle.

Customize Your Champion

Choose the talents that fit how you play.


Find and upgrade items that further solidify your combat style.

Cute Pets To Collect

Pets are adorable animals that accompany you in your battles. Each pet has a unique ability that can compliment your champion's kit.

Pets also carry an additional item for you.

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